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Solution to overriding blocks in included templates


Suddenly getting c504 EOF SSL errors using Python 2.7?

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Detecting the active media query breakpoints in JavaScript...

apt-get won't connect following hardening via iptables

Hardening a VPS using iptables breaks apt-get...

Removing merged remote branches

Easily remove all those merged remote branches for your local repo...

Unmerging a branch in git

When people change their mind, use git to rewind...

AngularJS Seed App Using Browserify and Gulp

An AngularJS seed app using Browserify and Gulp...

AWS Elastic Load Balancer connections dropped issue

AWS Elastic Load Balancer rudely drops connections on instance removal...

DHB Luggit Rucksack Review

Superb budget rucksack that will take a Mac Book Pro 15"

Django Forms Boolean Radio Button

Trying to get a boolean value from a radio button in Django forms

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